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How Rubber Roofs Work


With the rising costs of materials, roof repair is a project that some homeowners want to put on hold as long as they can. Postponing the project, however, will only add fuel to existing roof problems, especially if you need a complete overhaul to preserve the structure. The good news is that there are other Salem roofing alternatives that provide long-term solutions to constant repairs and maintenance:

If you’re looking for an alternative to the exhausting process of roof repair and maintenance with asphalt shingles, you may want to consider rubber roofing. Worried that rubber roofing sounds like stretching out a dozen Goodyear treads over your home? Don’t worry–although rubber roofing materials can come in a roll for buildings with flat roofs, you can also buy rubber shingles, which look much like slate shingles and come in a variety of colors and designs [source: The Roofery].

Investing in rubber roofing is a great way to save on unnecessary structural maintenance. One great thing about it is the materials are made of quality synthetic membrane, making it more durable to damage caused by pests, sudden changes in temperature, or extreme weather conditions. This takes away the added work and costs of replacing broken shingles.Your trusted roofer in Salem may recommend this type of material if your home has a flat or low pitched roof, as it is more prone to leaks and other structural damage. Another benefit of installing rubber roofs is the price. Apart from providing superior durability, rubber roofs are more affordable than most standard shingles. The materials used to create the shingles come from recyclable materials, which reduce the cost of production and make it more environmentally friendly. The roofs also have special coatings that help regulate UV rays and improve your home’s energy efficiency. The best way to know if rubber roofing will suit your home is to consult A&A Services.Their specialists can provide you with insights on the different materials that can fit your needs and budget while checking for existing damage to your roof structure. (Article Excerpt and Image from How Rubber Roofs Work, Howstuffworks.com)