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Ice Dams

As winter approaches, many people prepare their Salem, MA homes to battle the onslaught of snow and ice. One of the most important places in the home that should be protected is the roof, and a critical preparation that needs to be done is the prevention of ice dams. Ice dams have to be avoided as these could trap melting snow and rainwater, which could badly damage the roof. Well-constructed gutters in Salem, MA homes are important to effectively drain water from roofs, and should thus also be protected from ice dams.

Here are some tips on preventing the formation of ice dams on your roofs and gutters: Insulate the Attic You have to set up a reliable insulation system for your attic, as this will help keep the heated air in your home from escaping onto the roof. Should the latter happen, the snow nearest the actual surface of your roof will melt, but the low temperatures of the remaining snow above it will cause it to refreeze. This is how ice dams start to form. Ventilation According to an article by eHow.com, you should also look into installing an efficient ventilation system to keep your roof cool: Install a ventilation system to help keep the attic cooler during the winter. Some types are a soffit-to-ridge ventilation system, roof vents, power vents and gable louvers. Install insulation baffles to help protect the insulation from the cool air that enters the attic through these ventilation options. Keep Gutters Clean You should also make sure that your gutters are free of obstructions throughout the winter season. It’s advisable that you do a thorough gutter cleaning after the fall, just to ensure that no fallen leaves and other debris have gathered in the pipes, as these can cause water to pool and freeze. Gutter ice dams are dangerous not only to your roofing system, but to the stability of the gutter itself. Get Rid of Air Leaks Before the first snow days of winter, you should have your roof and gutter system checked by dependable roofing companies like A&A Roofing Services, for holes and penetrations. These holes can lead to the leakage of heated air from the home, which could then warm certain portions of the roof and gutter, causing ice dams to form. Likewise, have a Salem gutters expert inspect your gutter system before the winter, to check for leaks and repair needs. If you need to replace your gutters, consider the seamless varieties which are sturdier and have less chances of leaking. (Article Excerpt and Image from How to Prevent Ice Dams in Gutters, eHow.com)