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Storm Door in Billerica

Thursday, January 25th, 2018 by Barbara Zorzy

This was one of our previous customers who bought a new home in Billerica, MA. The home didn’t have a storm door on the front entry door and he called to have us install a new storm door.
The situation for our salesman, Ed Burge, called for some additional carpentry work that needed to be done because there was no existing storm door.
He had to add an extension jamb to the existing entry door to accommodate the storm door. In addition, he added white aluminum coil stock around the extension jamb and door casing to make the entrance way have a clean, finished look.
When needing a storm door, remember that if there is not an existing storm door, you may need some extra work done to make the installation process meet your standards. If you experience something like this give A-A Services Home Improvement a call, we would be happy to come take a look!