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Sliding Patio Door Installation

A&A Services shot this blog entry from Danvers, MA. In this video we are replacing a sliding patio door for one of our customers. Creating a new entry space while maintaining energy efficiency was a priority for this customer. Our installers take time to make sure the job is done right. We will take you through all the major steps of the installation below, detailing the video. In some of the pictures and in the video you’ll find out some of the ways we keep our doors (and windows) airtight. Full Installation Video: Below are a few of the major steps involved with the new entry-door (but not nearly all of them). In each one of these shots you can see the level of craftsmanship that sets A&A apart from other replacement contractors in the North Shore. Before and After Picture of the Outside:  In the picture the door brightens up the entire deck. It is important that the trim and flashing be installed the correct way. Before the frame is put in, the flashing must be heavily caulked to prevent water leakage and rot. Notice the nice even beads our installer, Pat, puts onto the flashing. Flashing Prepared with Caulking: Sliding Patio Door Installation Once the flashing is properly caulked the door frame can be put into the opening. Once the frame is in, the panels (doors) can be put into place (see video). Before the door can be air-sealed for energy efficiency with our foam, the outside trim must be finished to contain the foam. Before and After Outside Trim Sliding Patio Door: Sliding Patio Door Installation

When finishing the outside trim, it is important to pay meticulous attention to detail. Pat does an exceptional job at making sure the trim looks better than it did. Now that the crack between the jamb and the frame is covered, we can now go ahead and air seal the patio door and finish the inside trim. Before, During, and After Air-Sealing and Trim Finish: Sliding Patio Door Installation The inside trim is one of the trickiest parts of any door installation. Cutting the 45 degree angles on the trim can require multiple planks before the cuts are perfect. In order to maximize the .3 U-factor on the door, steps like these are critical to all-around air tightness. This door has double paned glass and is manufactured in the U.S.A. by Sunrise Windows of Michigan. Finished Product From the Interior: Sliding Patio Door Installation If you are interested in having A&A Services put a patio/sliding door in your home, give them a call at 1-1-978-741-0424 or Click Here to fill out the form on our Doors Page.