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Gutter Failure

Gutters keep water away from the rest of your home, where they can normally cause a lot of damage. When they fail or underperform, they can cause many headaches and cost you more to fix them up. A&A Services looks at the most common signs of gutter failure and the best ways to deal with them.

The Signs You Need to Heed

Overall, there are three major signs to watch out for that let you know that your gutters have problems. Keeping watch for these and acting on them will help keep the gutters Salem homeowners swear by in the best shape possible at all times.

1. There are cracks and splits along the line: Even the tiniest cracks on your gutter should be attended to right away because they can easily grow into bigger cracks and splits. There will eventually be areas where water can seep through to damage everything from the fascia boards that hold your gutters in place to the shingles closest to your gutter to even your home’s foundation.

2. There is water damage—or pools of water—beneath and around the gutters. When water starts to form in areas of your home where there used to be none—especially below the gutters—it’s a good indicator that there’s a problem. On the one hand, it can mean a crack or split along the gutter’s length or even overflowing due to clogging. Either way, ignoring this sign can imperil the rest of your home unnecessarily.

3. The gutter is starting to sag. Not all signs involve problems with your gutter’s functionality. Sagging can be caused by a combination of the weight caused by collected water—due to clogging—and damage to the supporting fascia. Either way, it’s a prelude to collapse that you certainly don’t want to see happen.

The Best Solutions

The first step in addressing these issues involves assessing your gutters in Salem. While there are some problems that might be solved with cleaning or repair, a lot of the mentioned problems are better served by replacement—because merely patching these problems will only delay the inevitable. At A&A Services, we offer some of the sturdiest open gutters you can hope to find in the market. They’re made from aluminum, which has a track record of durability and dependability, and the gutters are 5- or 6-inches wide—enough to handle big loads of water.

But why stop there when you can do away with clogs for good? Pairing our open gutters with our Clog Free Gutter System ensures your gutters will function efficiently and effectively for far longer. This system covers your open gutters completely with just a small slit that allows only water to flow through. All other leaves and debris simply get pushed off your roof onto the ground below where they can be easily swept away. With this in place, you never have to spend on cleaning again.

These two systems ensure that your gutters keep water away from your home—as they should—and go only where it can be shunted away harmlessly. They’re both long-term investments that provide maximum protection for lesser costs. Give A&A Services a call today and we’ll be more than happy to help you deal with your gutter problems in the most cost-effective way possible.