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Rubber Roofing Installation

Hi there, Chris Zorzy reporting live from Salem Massachusetts. What we’re doing here is a rubber roof repair. It’s very important for folks to understand this, I’m showing you a picture of a small deck/porch setup over a flat roof that has a rubber roof underneath that was improperly installed. This is something that is so important when you do this kind of a project.

I want to bring to your attention when you see a project like this make sure the roofing under the deck is properly installed. This roofing was not installed correctly, so we had to dismantle sections of this deck and go and find the leaks. After we identified the leaks we repaired the project. A picture from above gives you a better idea.


The point we want to drive home is that if your in this situation to make sure that everything is done properly, so how do you do that? I guess the way you do it is to hire the right people in the first place, and then you’ll be ready to go.

Rubber Roofing Installation