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Open Gutters

Many homeowners turn to us for help with gutter concerns. One issue we often get consulted for concerns overflowing gutters. In our experience, water can spill when the troughs are sagging, misaligned, or clogged (sometimes even a combination of all three). In this entry, we cover these scenarios. We also share some tips on how to deal with them.


Collected debris, backed-up water, and loosened hardware can cause your gutters in Salem to sag or pull away from the house. During installation, hangers and fasteners are used to attach the gutters to the roofing fascia. Over time, though, these components can back out of the wood, causing your gutters to hang loosely on the edge of the roof. This also happens during heavy rainfall.

We suggest getting an expert to fix this immediately to restore and protect the structural integrity of your roof. The hardware should be spaced apart just wide enough in order to fully support the weight of the gutter system.


Gutters are responsible for directing rainwater away from the house. For them to be able to do this, they need to be sloped precisely toward the drainpipes. Improperly pitched gutters do not provide a proper “line” or path for water to flow freely through. Water can pool, spill, or back up and soak surrounding structures.

If you have misaligned gutters, have them fixed promptly. In minor cases, pros might be able to correct the alignment by bending the hanger and pushing the troughs into place. Other times, we might need to remove the problematic section and rehang it.


Twigs, leaves, and tiny debris may seem harmless to your gutters. However, litter can accumulate inside the troughs and block the path of rainwater, affecting even the downspouts. Clogged gutters often cause water to pool under the shingles or overflow. They also have a tendency to sag: the weight of pooled water along with soaked leaves, twigs, and litter can cause the troughs to pull away from the fascia.

If you have clogged gutters, have an expert roofer get up there and clear away the muck inside the troughs and downspouts. Regular inspections are a must too. They keep you aware of the condition of your gutters as well as provide opportunity for informed repairs and fixes.

In the event that your gutters have been damaged beyond repair, get them replaced promptly. A&A Services, the experts in gutters Salem homeowners trust, installs two types of efficient gutter systems:

  • Clog-free gutter system: Specially designed for maximum performance. Includes a hood that keeps out litter and resin-based nylon brackets that provide added strength.
  • Open gutters: Ideal for homeowners who have little problem with accumulated leaves and tree debris. Tough and expertly installed to catch and redirect water away from the rest of the house.

When it comes to professional gutter maintenance and installation, trust only the experts at A&A Services. Call us up at (978) 741-0424 to determine which gutter system suits your home best.