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Roofing Contractors

This is a video from a roofing job – Salem, MA. Roofing can be really hard labor, especially when stripping the roof. In the video you can see our guys harnessed up and ready to tackle the shingles. To give you a little idea of how our process works, it almost always starts with stripping the roof. Follow through the rest of the video to see our contracting process.

Once the roof is completely stripped, one of our guys will lay out Ice & Water Shield. What the Ice & Water Shield does is help prevent water from leaking in at the base of the roof if there is ever an ice dam issue. When ice dams occur, the water melts and travels up the roof. The shielding will prevent the water from penetrating the roof deck. Code calls for three feet of waterproofing, but as you can see in the video we actually go up six feet for all our roofs to give our customers additional protection.


We pull the gutters down and in this job we install new gutters. The best time to get new gutters is after a new roof is put on. After the gutters are pulled down the rest of the roof deck gets covered with a felt paper, and then we’ll shingle over that.

Roofing Contractors

The next day after the shingles have been applied, the only thing we had left to do is put a gutter on the roof. We re flash the chimney into the roofing on every project we complete. Flashing the chimney is important to keep the water from running down places in your home is isn’t supposed to. For a free estimate give A&A services a call.