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Our salesman Sean went to meet with one of our newest customers in Salem’s Forest River Neighborhood to see about potentially replacing some roofing and siding on the rear of their home. This home is unique in that it has an addition on the rear that requires new roof shingling and siding. The old shingles have begun to come up over the years and need replacement in order to prevent leaks and protect the integrity of this customer’s addition. The wood siding is chipped and jagged from years of exposure to the elements and also desperately need to be replaced.

A&A Services replaced this customer’s old wooden siding with Maibec replacement wooden siding shingles, which were painted black to maintain consistency with the existing shingling on the remainder of the home. In addition to the shingling on the home’s addition, A&A Services installed rubber roofing, as well as asphalt roofing shingles on the rear of the home’s two-car garage adjacent to the addition.

The solutions A&A Services came up with for this customer worked out great in the end, and now the customer’s home looks better than ever. They are also better protected from the harsh exposure to the elements that comes along with coastal living.

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