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Replacement Windows
When the time comes to install vinyl replacement windows in your home, it is important to recognize the pros and cons of doing the job yourself. It is true that doing windows yourself is cheaper than having a professional install them. Replacing windows requires about 15 tools and the knowledge of drywall, window aprons and how they fit in, etc.

How tough is it?

Replacing windows yourself can be hazardous, especially in a multiple story building. When replacing your windows, always look to see what the warranty is. If you installed the windows yourself, there is a very good chance you do not have a warranty on the windows. So what’s the rundown

  • It’s always cheaper to do it yourself.
  • The warranty will always be better if a professional does it.
  • It takes a professional about 2-3 hours per window to replace. It takes normal people much longer.
  • If you run into problems underneath the wall you may not have the knowhow or tools to deal with the problem.
  • If the window frame is rotted or more structural elements are required there could be big surprises.
  • You sometimes can’t get the same energy star rebates from your windows without a licensed, insured installer.

If you do choose to do the windows yourself you may want to look at the entire process first, it can be very exacting work. To see how the professionals do it, stopping by to question your local contractor to work with him on installing your windows or going to a home show (A show for home owners to check out the latest stuff designed for homes) in your nearby area.