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We want to bring your attention to this unique window project in Beverly, MA. We are changing out these old Andersen windows because most of the cranks do not work and the windows sills are rotting away. The main reason the sills are rotting is because when this home was sided and the window trim was covered in aluminum it was not done correctly, and instead of directing water away from the windows it directed the water toward the window. Over time this water flow rotted out the framing. Unfortunately this is an issue that we see often.

A&A is here to resolve the issue and do it right the first time so this customer does not have to worry in the future about their windows failing. The setup of these windows gave the customer an array of options for replacement windows. After determining that this enclosed porch has no heat and is not used during the winter we recommended Harvey Rolling Storm Windows, which saved this customer a ton of money.

Harvey Rolling Window

The Harvey Rolling Storm Windows are not a compromise in quality to save money, but the right choice for this customer; with no heat in the room there is no need to use thermal pane windows. Also, these windows operate with ease and pop right out for easy cleaning, or if you just want to have an open room on hot summer days. These windows are designed specifically for enclosing porches and do a great job.

If you’re thinking of tuning up your porch enclosures or want to enclose a porch give us a call or fill out an inquiry form on the a-aservices.com homepage.