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Double Hung Windows

There are lots of moving parts in double hung windows, negotiating the window is your first priority before deciding what to do with it.

So what could be the problem?:

\1. Window Rot – look around your window from the inside and out, you may be surprised at how easy rotting windows can be overlooked. If you have droplets of water seeping inside your home through cracks then you most likely have a rot issue. If your looking at newer vinyl or fiberglass reinforced vinyl windows this is no longer a problem, but if you just can’t part ways with the window then look into epoxying the window and sanding down the finish.

2. Block and Tackle Shoe – Connected to the bottom half of your double hung windows is the shoe for your window weights. This part usually fails long before the weights themselves, and many people think their windows are permanently stuck (but they aren’t).

3. Other Problems With Window Weights- Look at the picture on the right. Your window weights are susceptible to lots of wear and tear over the years, and trying to repair an old wooden window with rot is hard tedious work. Double Hung Windows

4. Hopeless – There is a point when the condition of a window may clearly indicate replacement.

Look for these things when finding a new replacement: 

1. Pattern of openings and sizes of the window

2. Proportions of frame and sash

3. Configuration of window pains

4. Color of the window

5. Characteristics of the glass

6. Durability of the product.

If you have anymore questions about repairing or replacing old windows, call the experts at A&A Services.