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Although a tornado doesn’t last a long time but the damage it can inflict in its path is devastating. Another frightening fact is that you can’t predict where it will be heading with winds as strong as hundreds of miles per hour. Just take this EF2 tornado from weather.com as an example:

An EF2 tornado packing winds up to 120 mph tore the Boston suburbs of Revere and Chelsea on Monday morning, carving a three-square-mile wide swatch of damage through a residential area.

Although the twister started in Chelsea, the overwhelming majority of damage was in nearby Revere. Revere Mayor Daniel Rizzo says 65 homes and businesses were damaged and 13 are uninhabitable. About 2,800 residences are without power.

The city has opened a temporary shelter at a middle school.

Revere Deputy Fire Chief Mike Viviano said the Fire Department received dozens of calls reporting partial building and roof collapses, and downed trees and power lines. Windows on several buildings were blown out falling trees crushed several cars.

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(Article Excerpt from EF2 Tornado Hits Boston Suburb of Revere, MA, Damaging At Least 65 Buildings, Tornado Central, July 28, 2014)