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Price of Oil

No one with oil will want to hear the predictions of how much heating your home will cost this winter, and by all accounts, it looks expensive. Conversions to natural gas are becoming more and more common, and more expensive than ever. We’re writing this blog in hopes you can see what options are available to deal with the rising costs.

In the heating oil market, the prices go up and down throughout the year but have similar patterns. For example At the end of every June, heating oil prices start rising. They have never risen faster between the end of June and September than in 2012. No one knows for sure what oil will cost in 2012-2013, but if you combine the data from last year (the most expensive year ever) with the trends you can see today (the highest rise from June-September ever) you can be sure that oil will be above $4.00 a gallon during the peak months of 2012-13. If you click any of the links above you can formulate your own prediction of what will happen.

So what if you still have oil heat? Is there anything you can do about it? – Don’t panic, the answer is yes. If your home is insulated properly you will see massive energy savings. If you have no insulation for your attic, basement, or walls, then you are missing out on a more comfortable house that will save you money over time. Even though oil prices are going up about 15% a year, you can save between 20-40% a year just from getting your attic insulated and your basement sealed (which can be proved with data by any professional who uses a manometer when installing insulation).

Price of OilBelow is a picture of enough insulation supplies to make a four-unit town house as energy efficient as possible. The stacks of gray box-shaped bags are bales of cellulose insulation, the most energy efficient material you can get for your attic. Combine that with the boxes of foam air sealing you see in the picture and you can build loads of comfort and lots of savings into your home. The writers of this blog are professional insulation installers, and can handle a job of this size and scope. Make sure if you do insulate your house you go with someone who has a trusted reputation, because most of the work they do won’t be visible when the work is in progress, unlike most home improvement jobs. For tips on how to choose a good contractor, check out this blog about what makes a good insulation contractor tick.

Thanks for taking the time to read the blog, we wish you luck with your heating systems and encourage you to check out the rest of our site! We are located on 115 North St., Salem, MA 01970.