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Are you tired of nagging ice dams that damage your gutters and cause your roof to leak during winter? Have you had enough of climbing a ladder to clear your gutters of leaves and branches during other seasons? A&A Services has good news for you. We offer the GutterShutter system that will put an end to your problems and give you more efficient gutters in Salem all year long.

Our GutterShutter system is a highly effective tool for preventing ice dams and all sorts of debris from clogging your gutters. The system features brackets that are double the sizes of other gutter systems and are guaranteed to stay in place for two decades, regardless of what the weather brings. To complement the protectors, we install downspouts that are also twice the size of other options available on the market and will further minimize clogging. Furthermore, these sit flushed against the fascia board, giving it added protection against rotting. Ice dams form after snow accumulates on a slanted roof due to poor insulation. As the roof gets warmer, the snow melts and flows down into the gutters, where they tend to freeze once more because these are not as warm as the roof. Due to the dams, more snow that eventually accumulates and melts will not be drained properly. This cycle results in leaks coming from the roof that could also compromise the integrity of a building foundation. Fully understanding the consequences of having clogged gutters, our qualified staff first conducts a thorough inspection and evaluation of our clients’ houses to get a clear picture of how we will go about installing GutterShutter. Once the inspections are done, we commence with the installations and finish them in no time. Aside from protecting structures, our gutter system also fits in nicely with any house design, further increasing curb appeal. Since 1982, A&A Services has provided home improvement services in the area of Newburyport, Peabody, and Salem, MA. Apart from providing quality Salem gutters, we also specialize in performing roofing repairs and installations using dependable products and materials from CertainTeed. We also offer vinyl and fiber cement siding as well as energy-efficient replacement windows. Additionally, we cater to homes that require insulation and entry and patio doors. Let A&A Services help put an end to your annual gutter miseries and solve your other home improvement issues. Explore www.A-AServices.com to learn more details on our products and services and request for a free in-home estimate today!