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Energy Star

According to Home Depot, The market for green homes has tripled since 2008. Today more than 87% of home buyers are at least moderately knowledgeable about green practices. Air Sealing is the best way to keep the heat that moves into your wall cavities from moving into the attic space. Closed cell foam is the more durable and best insulating option when air-sealing. Make sure you get a contractor who is BPI Certfied (like us).

Why Certification Matters. 

Many of the products A&A Services installs are certified as energy efficient. This video that LEED put out can show you the advantages to having a green home yourself. If you are a previous customer at A&A, it is important to know you are entitled to a Free Energy Audit to show just how energy efficient your home really is.

What does an Air Tightness Test Mean to Your Home? 

Energy Efficiency in the home often relates to how airtight the home is as a whole. In order to get an accurate reading of air tightness, those who are BPI certified must know how to use a manometer. Manometer tests generally take about 45 minutes, and the results could save you lots of money. Real energy savings can be diagnosed from a blower door test combined with an infrared scan of the home.

From The Author: We Can Help!

Home Depot just released a list of LEED certified products you can add to your home, check out the list right here in the link. Again, many of the larger project pieces A&A installed are energy star and LEED certified.