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Multi Colored Roofing

Salem, MA – We went down Salem Willows executing a roof project that has multi colored shingles around a turret. In the video we’re showing you first how we strip the roof deck; our guys have their safety harnesses on at all times. We also lay tarps down all around the house to keep everything clean. It’s important to make sure the gap on the ridge vent in the roof is big enough to ensure proper air flow. We opened the vent up a few inches on each side to accommodate the new vent. Once the roof is completely stripped and ready to go, we install Ice and Water shield. We go way up on this roof with Ice and Water shield (code calls for 3 feet). Generally, we put 6 feet of Ice and Water shield up the roof deck, but because this house is right next to the ocean we actually went all the way up the roof deck with the waterproofing product.

This customer has had a lot of leak issues, so the shielding was the remedy for this customer. Although that’s important, the key to this type of installation is that you have to make sure you have good ventilation. We showed you the ridge vent in the video, and we already know the soffit vent is good to go (the vent near your gutters). We actually installed this vinyl siding (Cedar Impressions) ourselves 5 years ago along with the soffit vent so we know there is proper ventilation. Multi Colored Roofing

We guarantee a leak proof roof, and we are using a multi colored shingle for the roof cone. There was a lot of rotted trim on the turret itself, and we utilized lots of AZEK material before we were able to start shingling. We used red shingles in this project, the most popular multi colored shingles are green. No matter what happens, we have a lifetime warranty on this roof, they’ll never have to worry about it again, especially living so close to the elements. The colors on the roof cone are staggered, and it ties right along with the Cedar Impression siding on the home. You can see how the color combination really ties in nice.Multi Colored Roofing