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Cellulose and Air-sealing
This is a huge attic insulation job we did in Salem, MA. This is a historic home with large uninsulated eaves on the side of the building that haven’t been insulated since it was constructed. Below is a video of us completing the job from start to finish. Pictures and Captions from the filmed project – After our technician seals any and every space where warm air can exit the living space and into the attic, and then afterward we are able to start filling the attic with dense pack cellulose insulation. This insulation is all-natural and Cellulose and Air-sealingis harmless. You can see the first of many eaves-drops in this home (1 of 52). These are some of the trickiest places to insulate, and we actually cannot dense pack this as hard as some installs because the wall that we are insulating is made of horsehair plaster! It is unique jobs like these we specialize in.