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Asphalt shingles have been a popular choice among homeowners because of their aesthetic appeal and durability. They are ideal for areas that expect a lot of rain throughout the year because they’re very easy to install and they’re waterproof. The texture of the asphalt shingles allows the water to roll off your roof and into your gutter easily, and it holds every shingle layer well into place, making installation easy and simple.

While they have distinct advantages, there are things that you should also learn in order to get the most out asphalt shingles:

When installing a new asphalt roof, it is important to install the proper underlayment before the fiberglass shingles or organic asphalt shingles are put into position. The function of the underlayment is to provide a barrier between your shingles and the roof’s frame.

Furthermore, there are different underlayment products out there and it is very important that you find a reliable Danvers roofingcontractor who will not trick you into getting subpar materials:

There are a number of different products that are used as underlayment, and your contractor will likely recommend one over the other. Knowing your options in advance can help you determine which type of underlayment you want to use when it is time to install your roof.

Hiring experienced and reliable professionals such as A&A Services to install an efficient and proven system of underlayment can ensure that you maximize the potential of shingle roofing. The system that we install is nothing but the finest in the industry. We are certified to install the CertainTeed Roof System that includes the application of starter shingles, ice and water shield (also known as WinterGuard), and Roofers’ Select™ or DiamondDeck™, before finally installing the shingles. Hip and ridge accessories, as well as attic insulation, can also be added for a completely efficient roof. Contact A&A Services today to learn more about your options for roofing in Danvers, MA and the surrounding areas. (Article and Image from “Install proper underlayment for asphalt shingle roofs”)