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Gutter Cleaning Robot

iRobot (the same people who make the Roomba) has made a gutter cleaning robot that “reduces” time spent on a ladder and effort exerted to clean your gutters from leaves, debris, and pine needles. So how does it do? This robot retails on Amazon for $299.99.

iRobot’s Looj 330 is well built and is pretty easy to use, but it has to be made clear that this is not a solution to gutters clogging, and you still will need to get on a ladder to clean your gutters. The Looj will run automatically or manually for as far as the gutter will run straight, but does not go around the corners of the gutters. The construction of the robot is seamless, and the gutter cleaning itself is of high quality and leaves the gutters very clean. Gutter Cleaning RobotOnce the robot gets going, it splashes the leaves and sludge basically anywhere as it corkscrews through the gutters, which is actually quite messy. The robot’s range is 50 feet from where it started, and has to be replaced at the start of every run, so for certain houses with more than 2 or 3 runs the task could turn tiresome. The robot cleans 30 feet in about 5 minutes, and is methodical in the way that it clears the leaves and debris from the gutter. That being said, you either have to climb down the ladder and climb up to retrieve the robot or you need to wait for that time period until the machine is done cleaning. One other thing about the robot is that it gets pretty gross after you use it a few times, after all, it is cleaning out gutters. The bottom line for us as a contractor is that this is a reactive product and not a proactive one. We install gutters that keep your gutters from clogging in the first place, and this product still does not actually maintain the gutters themselves. Most normal gutters don’t have any protection from water getting behind them and rotting the fascia boards out, and this product does not prevent this from happening either. So what about pine needles? We were most concerned about how the robot dealt with pine needles because people with pine needle problems utilize the clog free gutters we sell.  We found that the iRobot handles the pine needles well, but the needles themselves cake up on the roof line from being sloshed around. So do we recommend the Looj? Gutter Cleaning RobotIf you have 2 to 3 small runs and the ability to climb up the ladder a few times, then the Looj can make the process of cleaning your gutters much easier. There are many clog free gutter products out there, and this problem really can just be avoided all together. The Looj is a great product, but again, it is a reactive product, not a proactive one. We feel many gutters out there are not durable enough to be worth spending your money on in the first place. We install the only gutter with a 20-year warranty in addition to a clog-free guarantee. A Looj is the best option you can get to clean your gutters by yourself, but at the end of the day, you still need to climb up a ladder a few times to use it, but iRobot’s products are still pretty darn cool. Want a more proactive approach?  A couple times in this review the gutter robot is meantioned to be a reactive and not proactive. We at A&A Services install the Gutter Shutter, a seamless gutter guaranteed never to clog or fall off your home. If the gutter ever clogs, we will come out and clean them ourselves. The Gutter Shutter will eliminate the need for a cleaning machine because there won’t be a clog to begin with. Follow the website for info on a getting a free estimate for seamless gutters.