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James Hardie Fiber Cement Siding

Let us take you through all of the steps involved in a James Hardie Fiber Cement Siding Project.

Before Installation:

James Hardie Fiber Cement SidingThis transformed home is located in Andover, MA. Right from the get-go, this home was beautiful but very weathered. Most of the wood shingles on the home were cupping, cracked, and split. The only solution was to strip the house of shingles and re-install wood. This customer had enough with maintenance, but loves the look of a traditional wooden Andover home located in the Shawsheen section of Andover, so that pretty much eliminated vinyl siding as an option. When we exposed the James Hardie line of Fiber-Cement Siding, this had the best of both worlds; low maintenance and an authentic wooden look.

During Installation

James Hardie Fiber Cement Siding

Step 1: Remove all old shingles and remove all window and door trim.

Step 2: Cover home with James Hardie Moisture Barrier.

Step 3: Install PVC (Plastic) trim boards around windows and doors. The trick to this is to add band molding around the outer edge of the trim to preserve the home’s traditional look.

Step 4: Install PVC Corner Board on all corners of the house.

Step 5: Install the finished James Hardie clap board to body of house.

Step 6: Clean down siding and trim.

Step 7: Install Shutters.

Step 8: Caulk and Seal all edges on window trim, door trim, and corner boards with James Hardie color-match caulking.

Step 9: Notice the arches on home from before (pic) to completed (pic). This is all PVC trim and looks like the wood we replaced, but requires no painting. As you can imagine there is a lot more to it than these steps (ordering products, dumpsters etc.) but these are some of the installation steps.

After Installation: Just imagine what we can do to your home!

James Hardie Fiber Cement SidingJames Hardie Fiber Cement Siding