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If you live in Peabody MA, your neighbors in the region are suffering from bad weather. Be prepared because your area could be next. When you brush up on the news, you can see so many things happening around you, like in this article on Boston.com:

Heavy rains and melting snow and ice pushed rivers toward or above flood stage around Vermont, New Hampshire and Maine on Tuesday and flooded some roads in the region. Northern and central Vermont were under a flood warning — meaning flooding was taking place or imminent. And flood watches or warnings were issued in New Hampshire and Maine. The National Weather Service issued flood warnings Tuesday for the Otter Creek at Center Rutland, the Lamoille River at Johnson and Jeffersonville, the Barton River in Coventry, along the Connecticut River near Wells River and West Lebanon, N.H., and for the Connecticut River near Lunenburg, Vt., and Dalton, N.H.

It may give you comfort to know that Peabody isn’t expected to experience the same, but being in the same region does put you at risk. After all, if it’s happening to neighboring towns, then it could happen in Peabody quite easily. Then again, there’s always that chance that bad weather will miss our area, but it’s always better to be prepared for anything than to be sorry later. This is where Peabody MA roofing company, A&A Services, comes in. Our experts at A&A Services, providing roofing in Peabody MA, have a good grasp of what the weather is like in our area so we have a better understanding of how roofing problems can be addressed. A&A Services has been serving Peabody, Salem, Danvers, and the surrounding areas since 1982 and has been rated by the Better Business Bureau with an A+. Contact us today for an accurate assessment by a professional contractor! (Article Excerpt and Image from “Rains in northern New England add to flood threat”, Boston.com, April 15, 2014)