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Ice Damage

Ice Dams and Roof Ventilation

Monday, September 26th, 2016 by Stefanie Howlett

Today, let’s talk about how to reduce ventilation, reduce ice dams, and as a result drastically reduce your energy bills in both the winter and summer months.

The main reason ice dams form in the first place is because of a warm attic. This means you are losing heat through your home into your attic to the bottom side of the roof or the roof deck. Snow that melts too quickly will refreeze over the eaves. Another reason for ice damage is poor ventilation, which traps the heat and moisture in the attic.

The most important part of any insulation project is to control the flow of air. This is done by air sealing your attic and slowing or ending most of that warm moisture air from getting up there in the first place.

After that is done, the crew will look for any air penetration to the attic in places like chimney chases, wire and plumbing chases, and entrances to the attic. One of the biggest culprits, in addition to those listed, is interior wall partitions. These are all the inside walls in your home. These walls have no insulation in them because they are not exposed to the outside. When you turn on the heat, these walls also get warm and this warm air rises to the attic. These same interior walls are referred to as partition places in the attic and they act like a chimney, pumping the warm moist air into the attic. This is where you lose heat, and ultimately, waste your money.

For more information and to get a free estimate on attic insulation to prevent ice damming, give us a call today.