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Rotted Bulkhead

One of our repeat customers has been having issues with their Gutter system, Bulkhead, and Entry door. The gutter system previously installed is a combination of both wooden and aluminum systems. The wood components were not maintained and began to rot, and the aluminum system was all banged up from years of exposure to the elements. The bulk head was wooden and also had serious rot that has allowed water to enter the basement of the home and has compromised the security of the door. The entry door on the home was found to be old and very inefficient.

The solutions A&A Services installed for this customer include: our GutterShutter system, which prevents clogs from leaves and debris while wicking water away from the edges of the roof; an all-new custom built Azek bulkhead door system that will not rot and will provide an extra layer of security to the home; and a new Fiberglass entry door system that will increase the energy efficiency and security of the home as well (not pictured).

These products, professionally installed by A&A Services have drastically improved this customer’s home-owning experience and have helped ensure the integrity and longevity of the property.

Finished Gutter Shutter Installation

Finished Bulkhead Installation