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Are you planning to build a deck over your flat roof? If so, we at A&A Services recommend getting your flat roof inspected by professionals first; and if necessary, get the proper repairs completed before installing a deck over it.

Getting your roof inspected by the pros is the surest way to go if you want to enjoy your roof deck for years to come. Making sure that your flat roof is leak-free before attaching the first floorboard is vital because even a small hole could mean big problems for you in the future. Even a small leak would mean having to dismantle your new roof deck just to patch up the small hole underneath.

So to avoid this frustrating task – not to mention a costly repair job – you should call our roofing professionals at A&A Services to get your flat roofing in Salem inspected and to get your roof deck project going. We’d like to share with you what happened to a previous customer of ours:

This particular Salem resident called us to fix a rubber roofing problem, which had recently been installed by another roofer. The rubber roof was installed underneath a deck/porch. But in just a few months, the rubber roof was leaking and rotting:

What would have been an easy repair job ended up becoming a partial replacement job. There were sections of the deck we had to dismantle so we could find the leaks. We had to reinstall the rubber roofing to make sure that no more leaks would occur.

We certainly don’t want our clients to end up in this kind of situation. A deck & roof specialist, like ours at A&A, would have made sure that the rubber roof was sealed properly before the deck was installed. That is why if you want your Salem roofing to be done right, rely only on roofers that are reputable and are known in the roofing business to provide only top roofing products and outstanding services – a well-trained and well-experienced roofer just like A&A Services. Call us today for a free quote on your next roofing project.