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Fall Maintenance

Regardless of the season, your roof plays a critical role in protecting your home and family from the elements. There are two specific things to look out for come fall: the dropping temperatures and a whole lot of leaves. A&A Services looks at the ways you can keep your roofs in great shape this season.

To-Do #1: Conduct inspections

One of the basic ways to maintain your Salem roofing is through regular inspections. A&A Services offers regular, thorough inspections that will allow us to spot trouble before it starts. An advantage to hiring professionals is that we can find problems that you might easily miss.

To-Do #2: Schedule cleaning

Leaving your roofing — especially your gutters — dirty can open you up to costly problems. Dirt and grime can obscure the extent of damage to your roofing. Leaves and debris in your gutters can cause it to clog up. This can lead water to overflow and eventually damage your home’s foundations and landscaping. All it takes is a consistent schedule of professional cleaning to head off any problems.

To-Do #3: Repair or replace

As the trusted roofer in Salem, A&A Services aims to help you save money when it comes to your roofing. That’s why we often suggest replacement for the toughest cases. Getting the latest in roofing means you will benefit from more durable and functional options. Rubber roofing, for instance, is one such option we offer, as it’s longer lasting and completely waterproof.

Great roofing maintenance hinges on your being conscientious about its state. When you hire A&A Services, we will make sure that your roofing will stay in great condition for years to come. Reach out to us today, and we’ll be more than happy to help you find a roof that’s perfect for your home.