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Vinyl Siding
“Proper paint prep is a tedious undertaking, even on small homes” Says This Old House, “There is simply no quick, easy way to paint a house” continues TOH. They rate us painting a house as Moderate to Hard. You can see how labor intensive paint stripping can be at This Link. Until now, most siding has been either unattractive (vinyl), unsafe (asbestos), or labor intensive (aluminum), but new siding looks are making the attraction to the long term solution to painting more and more prevalent. To the right is a home with actual A&A Services Siding.

How often will you need to paint with/without siding?

It depends. On any home, after 3-4 years paint starts to wear. On certain materials paint will fade faster (like on aluminum siding). It can be a sure bet your home will need to be painted every 7-10 years. Most Alside and Certainteed siding (the big boys) carries a lifetime warranty. Vinyl Siding is Massachusetts’s, where A&A is located, is one of the most popular ways to cover homes and also one of the most beautiful.

Vinyl Siding is More Energy Efficient than ever.

Vinyl Siding Many Vinyl products are now insulated, providing another layer of protection that will allow your home to become cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter. Some of the products, like Alside’s “Prodigy” siding have an R-rating of 5.0! Because siding is such a long term product the energy savings will last for a very long time (while fuel prices will not). Here is a cutout version of insulated siding. We’re writing this blog on the eve of one of the most popular times of year to get your home sided; in the spring.    A&A Services is a home improvement contractor out of Salem, MA. We are also regular bloggers and are committed to the home improvement industry. Check out the rest of our site, subscribe to the blog, or give us a call at 1-1-978-741-0424.