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Roofs tend to wear out and shingles tend to break, making repairs inevitable. That’s why manufacturers and roofing contractors alike offer warranties with their products and services. Homeowners expect quality roofing materials as well as impeccable installation work to be done on their homes, and a good warranty is icing on the cake: it is both an undeniable selling point and an important factor in selecting your roofing company.

What Is a Warranty?

A warranty is a written guarantee from the manufacturer and the contractor that upholds the integrity of the products and services being provided. It’s a legal contract that defines the scope of coverage and the limits of liability that the manufacturer or contractor assumes when it comes to the repair or replacement of defective or damaged roofs.

The common misconception is that warranties, especially long-term warranties, are all-inclusive and cover any kind of roofing repair. However, this is not the case: Even the most comprehensive roofing warranty will have specific conditions that have to be met before the manufacturer or contractor will agree to repair or replace roofing materials. While warranties are essential to any roofing system (and to homeowners), keep in mind that warranties do not necessarily guarantee 100% roofing performance.

Why Are Warranties Important?

Roofing projects, from installation to repair or replacement, are always big investments that generally involve thousands of dollars. It’s necessary to make sure you get the quality and length of service you paid for — which is hard to do without any guarantee. Warranties from your roofer are legal contracts that provide you with that guarantee. When you’re facing roof leaks or other types of damage, it can be as expensive to fix your roof as the original purchase and installation cost. Your roof warranty coverage could save you thousands in the event that problems occur with your roof.

The things you need to know and consider about roof warranties doesn’t stop here. How much do warranties cover? Who issues the warranty? Keep those questions in mind as we discuss the answers in Part 2. Stay tuned!