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Licensed Contractor

Why can’t we take pictures of the deleading work going on inside this house? Because the cameraman isn’t licensed to be around the jobsite. In the same sort of way, you should never let an unlicensed contractor come into your house to perform deleading work. A&A Services has been removing lead in Massachusetts for over 20 years. This home in downtown Wakefield will get transformed on the inside to meet modern regulations.

If you are found to have worked with an unlicensed contractor, you may be facing stiff fines and lawsuits, and you may also be putting the lives of people (including yourself) at risk. To be a licensed lead remover there is a very strict license system, including blood tests. Don’t be fooled by contractors who claim that getting permits on a major job like lead removal is not nessesary, it may be cheaper without permits but it can also come back to bite you in the end. Call A&A Services in Salem at 1-978-741-0424 for any questions you may have about lead removal.