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Flat Roof
Flat roofs are always the modest roofing systems you can set up atop your house or a commercial facility. However, repairing them will require a different approach, as Mona Culberson states in her piece for SFGate.com “Some repairs to a flat roofing membrane can be performed by the do-it-yourself homeowner, but it must determined which type of flat roofing membrane you have before attempting to make the repairs. Small areas of an EDPM flat, rubber-roof membrane are repaired by applying a patch to the affected area. Small repairs to a hot-tar-and-gravel flat roofing membrane are made by cutting out a small section and replacing it. Ensure that you use the proper materials for the job to prevent making the problem worse and causing the need for a more extensive repair job.”

A DIY repair job and the dangers it entails may be familiar to residents of Danvers, MA; as of this writing, the town is currently gripped by the polar vortex that has also affected major parts of the country and Canada. As flat roofs do not have slopes and may not have adequate gutter support, water left topside can freeze and thaw, leading to potential snow buildup and a roof collapse. If you do not have the time to fully work on fixing up the flat roof, experts at roofing in Danvers, MA like the team at A&A Services Home Improvement can help. EPDM rubber rolls are often the preferred choice for padding up flat roofs; even then, the contractor who installed them may still evaluate the entire area for defects other than those reported to them. The surface should be swept clean of debris to give the roofing team enough clearance to study every inch. Snow buildup should be dealt with by scraping off as much as possible to lessen the weight on the roof. Damages to the roofing membrane may be taken care of without replacing the whole thing. Some examples include sections with a lack of gravel and peeled-off lining. If your flat roof is acting up, repairing it must never be postponed, even in the middle of winter. A roofer from Danvers like A&A will be what you need to make it through. (Article Information and Image from How to Repair a Flat Roof Membrane, SFGate)