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Crews Busy
According to an article from WMMT Newschannel 3, homes and businesses in Kalamazoo, Michigan are currently threatened by the problem of ice dams. This has caused leaks to occur inside buildings, prompting west Michigan roofing crews to offer emergency ice jam removal services to customers in their area imperiled by the frigid predicament.

Eight hundred miles to the east, Danvers residents may also be faced with similar problems, as winter rolls into Massachusetts in full force within the next few weeks. Most Danvers roofing systems installed by a reliable roofing company in the area are well-equipped to avoid the issue of ice dams ever becoming a problem, but if your home is currently affected or under threat, the WMMT Newschannel 3 article describes possible solutions: One step to removing dams is using a chemical solution that melts the ice. “We’re using a calcium chloride which is safer for the ground but what we do is we notch the ice so when we put the calcium chloride in it has a place to flow out,” Keeler said. But he said this is mostly just a band-aide fix. The roofing company often comes back in the spring to make permanent fixes. “Just make sure whoever their contractor is get proper ventilation, and proper isolation when they take care of that,” Keeler said. You can also clear it yourself, removing ice and using calcium chloride, but that comes with many dangers. Ice dams can potentially cost thousands of dollars in damage to any building if it is not addressed. Moisture that has seeped into the building because of the dam can cause wood to rot, distributing damage to more than just your roof. That is why it is important to remove ice dams as soon as they are spotted; roofing contractors should be able to do this for you if you are unable to carry it out yourself. A more proactive approach to tackling the issue of ice dams involves making sure that your roof is properly ventilated and isolated to keep snow and ice on your roof from melting, pooling, and refreezing into an ice dam. For such fixes, it will be best to contact a respectable contractor, like A&A Services, about reliable roofing in Danvers, MA that will survive the winter without ice damming issues. (Article Excerpts and Image from , Crews busy removing troublesome i jams from roofs, Federal Trade CommissionWWMT-TV Newsc December 16, 2013)