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Customized Decks
This customized deck in Burlington MA functions as a side entrance to the home. In the particular deck there is a rural look to the bottom of it with a more standard approach to the top. Our expert carpenters can make sure that each and every home we install a deck on fits perfectly against the home and will last for years. We at A&A Services use your choice of AZEK or wood in the construction of a deck. Here are some before and after pictures detailing the construction.  Now that’s better. A nice new deck with a door to the basement concealed. We are used to working on all portions of the home, so if any other part of the home (gutters for example) get disturbed we can make them look just as good as new. Customized Decks Here you can see the porch from the front angle. Customized decks on steep angles like this one are tough to keep level, but our guys have tons of experience. We are located in Salem but do tons of decks in and around Burlington. Below is a completed picture from the front of the deck with the staircase featured. Customized Decks