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Crawlspace Insulation

A&A Services just finished up an insulation project in Marblehead, Mass. for a relative of one of our previous customers. The area we are insulating is a crawlspace beneath the first floor of the home. The existing insulation was incorrectly installed many years ago; the insulation paper was facing the wrong way leaving the insulation vulnerable to the moisture of the exposed ground beneath it. Due to long term exposure to moisture, the insulation has rotted and is falling out of the floor cavities, allowing a large draft to penetrate the home. Drafts like this will increase homeowner’s heating costs.

The solution A&A Services came up with involves the removal of the old Crawlspace Insulationinsulation, and the installation of efficient, modern fiberglass insulation into the crawlspace. In addition to the insulation itself, we created a moisture barrier between the insulation and the exposed ground using a polyurethane-based coating. We also air-sealed all joints and cavities in the ceiling of the crawlspace to stop the upward air movement and increase the R-Value of the insulation, making the home more energy-efficient.

Despite the difficulties of installing insulation in tight quarters such as this crawlspace, A&A Services was able to completely install the fiberglass product with no delay to ensure that the customer’s crawlspace will be insulated and weather-proof for the winter.