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Not a lot of people have a good understanding of their gutters in Salem. This is quite understandable because you have to admit that it isn’t exactly something anyone would bring up in a friendly conversation. However, they’re extremely important, according to an article on bhgrealestate.com:

Having a gutter system installed around your home is essential for good maintenance. The purpose of a gutter system is to help control the flow of rainwater from your roof to the ground to prevent rain damage to your exterior, ground erosion, and to protect your landscaping from being washed away. Gutters can also keep insects from your basement or crawlspaces. For that reason, it’s important to keep your gutters in good repair and free from leaves and other debris that interrupt the intended disposition of excess rain water and melted snow.

If you want to make sure that your Salem home is in its best state, you will need to check out the exterior of your home, including its gutters. Fortunately, if you have any concerns about repairing, replacing, or simply caring for gutters, we are here for you at A&A Services. We know everything there is to know about gutters. For your Salem gutters, choose A&A Services. We have more than 30 years of experience under our belt and stand ready to serve you. Our company features open gutters and clog free gutter systems, both of which have unique characteristics for you to consider. Aside from Salem, we service the areas of Peabody, Danvers, Beverly, Swampscott, Marblehead and other North Shore communities. Check out our local showroom today to see the quality of our products for yourself. (Article Excerpt and Image from “The Importance of Gutters, Better Homes and Gardens”)