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When the temperature starts becomes cooler, you know the holiday season is just around the corner. This is the perfect time to plan holiday trips and think about gifts for your loved ones, not the time to worry about roof and gutter repair or replacement.

Fall and winter are the two seasons when you need your roofing and gutter systems the most. Leaves and other debris may clog up your gutters in Salem. Rainwater and snow may result in an overflow and moisture may seep through the shingles, which may put your home at risk of water damage.

To avoid problems, here are some tips to prepare your home for fall and winter:

Check and Clear Out Gutters

Leaves, twigs, and other debris may interrupt the waterway when they accumulate in your gutters. Trapped water may seep through your shingles and walls. During winter, it may freeze and add unnecessary weight to your gutters, which may cause them to bend or fall. This may affect the downspouts, siding, and fasteners.

Avoid headaches by letting gutters Salem specialists inspect your gutters and provide recommendations to protect your gutters and prevent dangerous clogs. You’ll never have to think about cleaning them again. Does the inspection cost worries you? With A&A Services, you can save $300 on our Clog-Free Gutters. This offer is valid on complete new gutter installation with a minimum of 75 feet.

Check and Clean Your Chimney

Don’t turn your money into smoke by spending it on costly chimney repairs. Have our experts inspect your chimney regularly so you can immediately address issues. Fireplace dampers should also be in good condition to avoid drafts, which can increase your energy usage.

Clean your chimneys to prevent caked-on soot, leaves, and other debris from causing a backup of carbon monoxide. Furthermore, they may cause fire if they accumulate in the flue.

Check for Air Gaps and Seal Them

Air gaps (or air leaks) can make your home uncomfortable during the cold season. They increase your energy bill, too. Undetected air gaps force your HVAC system to work harder than they should to reach your desired room temperature. To limit power consumption and improve energy insulation, check for air leaks on your doors and windows. If there are some, think about installing weather stripping.

Have a clog-free gutter and chimney this season. Enjoy the cold weather without worrying about your house. Contact us for more information on our clog-free gutters and the $300 savings you can get from us.