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We love coastal cities. Being near the ocean just gives us an otherworldly sense of peace and, ironically, of adventure. If you’ve lived here a long time, you’d know that the weather isn’t always calm in these parts. Because of our area’s unique features, you should give your home the special attention it needs.

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A&A Services, your experts in Salem roofing and other home improvement services, shows you how. Here are some ways.

Tip 1: Clad your home in a weather-resistant siding.

Facing challenging weather conditions is an inevitable part of living near the coast. That’s why you should pick the sturdiest materials for your exterior. Vinyl makes a good choice, and it has the added benefit of excellent insulation. It can help keep your home comfortable no matter what the elements are like outside. CertainTeed, Alcoa, and Prodigy manufacture exceptional quality vinyl siding you should check out.

Some homeowners are not open to the idea of covering their exterior walls in vinyl. That’s understandable. After all, if your home is on the historic end of the design spectrum, vinyl could look out of place. James Hardie® came up with a superb alternative: HardiePlank® fiber-cement siding. It’s Engineered for Climate®, meaning it can withstand the challenging conditions we have here in Salem.

Tip 2: Toughen up your roofing system.

Coastal city homes are known for pretty exteriors, but these aren’t just for show. Having a reliable roof over your head is especially important. Make it a habit to get your roof professionally inspected at least twice a year. If you find serious damage, don’t delay repair or replacement.

Shingles are an understandably popular roofing material. They look and perform well under different weather conditions. We strongly recommend CertainTeed shingle roofs. These feature ice and water shields, deck protection, as well as hip and ridge finishes that protect against damaging elements.

Alternatively, you may also opt for a rubber roofing system. It has a surprisingly long service life and completely waterproofs your home. Perfect for stormy months! Plus, it uses recyclable content, making it very environment-friendly. Check out the rubber options from Firestone if you have the time.

Tip 3: Make more parts of the house energy-efficient.

Here in the coastal cities, people are conscious of how our activities affect the environment. In fact, reducing the home’s carbon footprint is an important aspect of coastal living. One of the most cost-effective ways to lower your energy consumption is to replace old, damaged, or leaky windows.

Replacement units from Sunrise Windows have some of the best energy performance ratings in the industry. They possess exceptional insulation properties that help keep heat where it should—out during summer, in during winter. That takes a lot of load off your utilities, allowing you to save more.

If you live in a coastal city, make your windows, siding, and roofing in Salem, Massachusetts, your primary concerns. Local expert A&A Services can help. Give us a call at (978) 741-0424 to learn more about what we do. You may also request a quote from our specialists while you’re at it.