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Understanding Your Gutters

At least once in your life, you have probably had to deal with clogged gutters in Salem. Leaves, among other debris, are the common culprits that prevent a gutter from functioning properly. Consider this information:

Leaves and debris can clog your gutters and downspouts. Should this happen, the water could fill up the gutter and spill over the front and pool around your foundation, causing damage to your landscaping and home, including mold and peeling paint.

Climbing onto your roof and taking out the leaves from your gutters is not only a dirty job—it can also be dangerous, especially if you do not have experience and enough knowledge to do it. In fact, so many accidents occur each year based on this simple act:

Each year, over 175 thousand people fall from ladders and around 350 of those falls are fatal. Often times those falls occur when someone is on a ladder cleaning debris from a gutter. Gutter protection should keep your loved ones from risking life and limb as they attempt to clean out gutters and as a result, reduce the risk of potential damage to your home.

Hiring a professional to do the cleaning for you regularly is a wise decision but also potentially a costly one. Instead, you can cut the costs by installing a gutter system that only requires cleaning from time to time—something that is designed to prevent leaves, dirt, and debris from piling up in the gutter in the first place, but also allows water to freely flow down the gutter itself. This ensures that you will no longer have to worry about rotting fascia boards, weakened foundations, and landscape erosion, among other related problems. With the Clog Free Gutter System, your Salem gutters need not endure the damaging effects of leaves and debris pile up. A&A Services Clog Free Gutter System is 100% Clog Free for the life of your gutters and as always, 100% Customer Satisfaction is guaranteed. Contact us today so that we can begin protecting your home. (Article and Image from “The Complete Guide to Gutter Protection”)