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Boston Flower Show
We’re writing this blogpost directly from the Seaport World Trade Center at the Boston Flower Show! All through St. Patrick’s Day Weekend more than an acre of flowers lights up South Boston. You can get your hands on everything from flower-encrusted slippers to lucky clovers in the heart of Irish Boston.

What activities are here?

Live speeches related to the outdoors are being performed every hour at the show. There is a ton of people here so far, and the floral arrangements are so plentiful that you can get 2 dozen roses for $10! The show is packed with local vendors, just like our neighbors at the show Tyler’s Sweet Revenge; specializing in Jams and Jellies made in Dover, NH (Pictured Below).

So What is A&A Doing at a Flower Show?

Boston Flower Show

Home improvement, especially outside, often relates to gardening and good outdoor property management. You may have read our blog post last week about garden windows. In addition to those types of windows, A&A’s Clog Free Gutters protect gardens on the edges of homes from getting flooded during heavy rains. Indeed the way your home operates outside can have repercussions on your gardens. If you have not seen the walls of flowers that transform the Seaport, we encourage you to do so.