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When is the best time to start gardening? For ages that question depended on how the previous winter was, where you live, and the climate in general. In varying climates (such as in New England) the best time to plant often depends on the amount of risk your willing to accept. If you plant too early you may be venerable to a late winter and frost, if you plant too late you risk waiting too long and the garden won’t bloom correctly. People with very small gardens may not have the need or the means to have a large greenhouse installed.

Don’t have a green thumb?

You can bring the joy of gardening all year long without a costly greenhouse. Garden Windows provide a mini greenhouse for you to work with all year long. Up until recently many garden windows have lacked functionality. To the right is an actual A&A installed garden window. Our design has fully operating casements for inviting the outdoors inside.

Gardening in the City and Suburbs

Not only does a garden window provide extra space in a suburban setting for gardening, in a city the potential for benefits becomes even greater. Having a thriving window garden can be healthy for your home. Plants provide more oxygen, reducing the carbon in the home, which is a good thing when living in a city. If you have any questions about garden windows and you’re in the Boston area, come check out A&A Services at the Boston Flower Show: March 13-17th, 2013 at the Seaport World Trade Center. You can also grab some decorative ideas about what to put inside your window garden.