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Spray Foam Insulation

Complete video of attic/wall spray foam and cellulose insulation – Stopping warm and cold air from moving in unison. If 80% of your attic gets sealed, the additional 20% of space open will have 5 times the amount of air moving through it. Sealing every single crack of space is our goal, coming as close as you can to being completely sealed is the only way to stop the air that you pay for inside your home from moving into the attic. Below is a picture of us air sealing the top plate of a wall where it intersects the attic:

What can you see in our video? – Spray foaming the top plates of the walls, the recessed lights, and the chimney, we also sealed all of the plumbing, venting, and heating in the attic. This particular customer already had an attic cap made for their house, but if they didn’t we would make sure to build them one to fit over the hatch to get into the attic. If the job is complete without an attic cap, that will be a huge entry port for warm air to escape the living space. Recessed lights suck tons of air out of the living space through the heat vacuum created by the light itself. Below is a picture of us creating a recessed lighting cap: Spray Foam Insulation