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The people of Massachusetts are some of the most fortunate because they can enjoy each of the four distinct seasons that come fairly calm in the region. Winters are often not so severe, fall is accompanied by pleasantly warm days and cool nights, summer temperatures range around the mid 80s, and spring is also in that great comfort zone.

Though their climate is almost perfect all year round, there are still some occasional severe weather conditions that rake the area from time to time. This report from www.boston.com, for instance, tells of a storm that spewed out baseball-sized hail in the nearby state of Chicago. While hail doesn’t come around often in Boston, this should serve as a great reminder of how the weather in general can cause severe damage to us and our properties and why we should always be prepared:

Hail is a fairly rare phenomenon in the Boston area, and when we do get it, it’s really small. Knock on wood that it always stays that way, because these videos of Wednesday’s hail storm in Illinois are terrifying. Baseball-sized hail stones pounded the area, smashing windshield and battering hoods on cars.

Residents should always be prepared for any type of weather disturbance like thunderstorms. That is why you should reinforce your home with strong and sturdy roofing in Peabody MA that could effectively protect your loved ones from the blitzes of Mother Nature, especially if you haven’t had an upgrade in many years.

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(Article Excerpt from Monster Hail Batters Town, Smashes Windshields, www.boston.com, May 21, 2014)