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Vinyl Siding

Last blog post, A&A Services was off Route 38 in Wilmington today installing vinyl siding and a and a new deck. Here is a movie of the finished project (minus a light fixture), you can see the siding is clean and virtually seam free. This new lifetime warrantied vinyl siding is beige, and the brand new Alside House Liner is one of the finest home wrapping materials available.

in the video you can see the siding fits extremely tight to the house, and covers every window and the roof line perfectly. Again, this product has a lifetime warranty, if you want to see an example of our warranty, check out this page. That is a previous blog entry about us replacing siding put on 8 years before hand absolutely free. Just to make sure you can see what the old siding looked like, the job in progress video is below. 

Remember the deck we we’re building?

In our last blog there was also a picture of a deck. Although not 100% finished, here is what the progress of the deck looks like…

The deck will be finished by Monday (4/30/12). These pictures and videos were taken off a job site in South Wilmington near the Woburn line. A&A Services are regular bloggers and are committed to sound home improvement practices. Please subscribe to the blog or give us a call at (978) 741-0424.