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Cleaning gutters is a tedious task, and yet it has to be done. Your gutters won’t perform as they should if you let leaves and debris clog them. When this happens, your home will be susceptible to water damage.

With a clog-free gutter system from A&A Services though, you don’t have to worry about gutter cleaning and repairs anymore. Our Salem gutters can last for many years, without you having to clean them month after month. Here are some of their unique features:

1. High Back System

Our gutters include high back walls that are three inches higher than those in regular gutters. With this special system in place, the troughs are unlikely to pull away from the rest of your roof for at least 20 years. The troughs are attached to your roof using nylon brackets that are placed two feet apart from each other. The brackets add superior strength, which means that these gutters can hold more than 400 kg of pressure.

2. Special Cover

When we install clog-free gutters in Salem and the nearby areas, we make sure they come with a special hood that will let 85% of the debris fall to the ground where they can’t harm your home. We use large downspouts that are twice as large as regular ones. Whatever debris enters the downspout, it’s guaranteed to get out.

3. Unique Installation

Another important feature of our clog-free gutter system is that it’s installed under the drip edge. This way the troughs can properly catch all the rainwater flowing from the roof, avoiding damage to your windows, siding, or foundation. Our gutter systems are certain to last a long time.

4. Design Options

One last great thing about the clog-free gutters we install is that they come in a wide selection of colors. You can certainly pick one that suits the design of your home best. We also carry aluminum and seamless solid copper gutters for that well-loved traditional look.

If you want a zero-maintenance gutter system, turn to us at A&A Services. We have been in the business since 1982, providing dependable gutter service for homes around Salem, Danvers, Beverly, and nearby communities on the North Shore. To get started, you can give us a call at (978) 741-0424 or reach us through our contact form.