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A responsible homeowner is a knowledgeable and informed property owner. They are eager to learn about the various factors involved in Salem roofing projects in order to make informed decisions. Knowing the basic roofing terms used is among these factors.

Professional roofers at A&A Services share this list of basic roofing terms that may be helpful to you:

Asphalt Shingles. These shingles are coated with a fortifying material like fibrous glass mat or felt combined with asphalt.Asphalt shingles have mineral particles on the section exposed to the elements.

Attic. This is the area on top of the ceiling that is directly under a steep-sloped roof’s deck.

Batt Insulation. Usually in the form of rolls, it is made of glass fiber or other fibrous insulation material that can be compressed.

Building Codes. These are standard construction requirements set by federal/state governments or by established nongovernmental roofing institutions.

Caulk. This material is used for sealing or filling in gaps or joints to prevent leaks while remaining elastic for a long time following its application.

Chalk Line. This isbasically used to mark lines on the roof through snapping a cord with colored chalk applied on it.

Double Coverage. It refers to the application of roofing in a manner where the lapped section is at a minimum two inches wider than the uncovered section. This gives you two roofing layers over the deck.

Downspout. The pipe that leads rainwater and debris from the gutters to the ground.

Eaves are the exposed part located at the lower edge of the roof that protrudes past the wall.

Edge Stripping. These are precisely cut membrane flashing strips that cover the junctures between the metal perimeter flashing and the built-up roof.

Fascia. A fascia board is a panel that joins the roof rafters and the gutters.

Flashing. Generally, these are the materials used in weather-proofing and sealing certain edges of the roof, such as the expansion joints, valleys, and drains.

Glass Fiber Insulation. This is a rigid board or blanket insulation made of glass fibers that are linked together to provide insulation to the roof.

Gutter. An open pipe or waterway that directs rainwater from the roof to the ground.

Heat Flow. The amount of heat that is transferred between two units (e.g., from indoors to outdoors) in a unit time.

Take note of these terms to arrive at the most informed decision for your roofing. If you need any assistance when it comes to your roofing in Salem, call us at (978) 741-0424.