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Old windows may look bad. They may also function poorly. If your windows “suffer” from either or, worse, both, maybe it’s about time you have them replaced. With today’s window technology, you can enjoy these amazing benefits when you have your Salem windows replaced:


Many homeowners decide to get replacement windows to enhance their home’s overall appeal. Of course, we all want windows that will make our homes look great not only from the outside but from inside as well. By investing in brand-new windows, your home will definitely look fresher and more beautiful.


Old and dilapidated windows are easy to break in to. Replacing your old windows with tough and durable ones will make your home much more secure. They act as a deterrent for would-be thieves because most burglars tend to avoid homes that look difficult to break in to.


A house with better insulation means bigger energy savings. Windows actually play a vital role in this. Most window manufacturers claim their windows are the best when it comes to energy efficiency. To know if the window you’re going to choose truly offers good insulation, check several aspects of the windows.

Ask for the U-factor ratings: the lower the U-factor rating, the better the window is at keeping heat inside your home on cold days. Also, look closely into the window’s solar heat gain coefficient, or SHGC. This determines if the window will perform well during summers, as a lower SHGC equates to less solar radiation or heat from the sun admitted through your window.


Last but certainly not the least, replacement windows today are built to last. Most are made with tougher and more durable materials. That’s why they last longer than their older counterparts.

As you can see, replacement windows have many other advantages than just enhancing your home’s aesthetic appeal. If you’re interested in investing in new ones, choose the experts in window installation in Salem MA—A&A Services. We offer Sunrise Vanguard windows, which are constructed with a specially patented material that is designed not only to last long but also to better insulate your home. These come in various styles that will surely match and even enhance the overall appeal of your home. Call now for a free quote!