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The safety of the house is always a concern for homeowners, especially when you have children. Here are a few tips to help keep the windows of your home secure:

  1. The window screen’s primary function is to keep insects out. If you want to prevent all forms of creepy-crawlies getting into your home when you’re out, never push against those screens. They aren’t built to support the weight of a child or a pet
  2. If you aren’t using the windows, keep them locked. This can dissuade potential intruders from breaking in. This can also prevent curious children from trying to open them.
  3. Try not to paint or nail windows shut. All of the windows of your home that are designed to be opened should be functional should an emergency situation arise.
  4. Refrain from putting decorative lights onto the frames of your windows. Should there be any problems with faulty wiring, this can be a fire hazard.

It pays to follow the above-mentioned tips to keep your windows intact and functioning. You may also need to consult an expert to check the condition of your windows. In terms of financial benefits, you may want to consider getting energy-efficient replacement windows in Salem that can help reduce your electric bill.

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