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You probably heard about the approaching energy crunch in the United States. According to the Department of Energy, consumption will increase by 62% for natural gas, 45% for electricity, and 33% for oil in the next 20 years.

So while much of the country focuses on ways to increase energy supply, some are working on new innovations to reduce energy consumption, among which is the window industry. Energy-efficient windows are just a start. Much of the advancement contributes to aesthetics and longevity. So nowadays, many contractors offer more than just simple window installation in Salem MA, like us here at A&A Services.

Here are five impressive window innovations that made a mark in 2014:

  1. Windows with Decorative Glass Options. Good window color and design are a sight to behold, especially if they perfectly match your home’s architecture. There’s more to your glass than just insulation and function.

Our handcrafted and insulated designer glass options have diverse patterns and colors that can give a unique touch to your windows. You can choose from an assortment of the following: designer casings, designer glass accent colors, V-grooved etched glass, decorate grid options, simulated divided lights, and simulated meeting rail.

  1. Window Treatments. This innovation never gets old. Blinds, in particular, provide the perfect seal between panes of glass. What’s cool is that you can control how much light you want inside your home. At A&A Services, we have SunBlinds® blinds, which are available in gold, almond, silver, sandstone, and white. These window treatments enhance your home’s curb appeal while protecting it from the sun’s harmful rays.
  2. Windows with Wood Grain Finishes and Solid Colors. This revolution in window frames offers striking coatings and finishes. Most homeowners have now become attracted to the aesthetic value of Salem windows. If you happen to need one, here are some interesting textures: Norwegian maple, golden oak, Brazilian pecan, provincial oak, colonial cherry, and English walnut. Painter’s white and tan are still solid colors options.
  3. Basement Windows. This window type is slowly becoming popular. Our Vanguard basement windows are custom-manufactured, ElectroFusion welded for maximum performance, fully weather-stripped, and come with a dual locking system for full security.
  4. Insulated Glass Options for Windows. Glass insulation is already a giant leap in window technology. It greatly helps in maximizing the energy available in your home. Now imagine having a range of insulated glass options. Here at A&A Services, we offer three kinds: VG Plus Glass System, which has eight layers of high-performance reflective metallic shields of our VG Plus™ coating structure; VG 12 Glass System, which has 12 layers of high-performance reflective metallic shields; and our VG3Ar Glass System, which is a triple-glazed glass unit composed of two VG Plus glass panes and one sound-absorbing glass pane.

Furthermore, we can offer SolarClean™ self-cleaning glass. Incorporating Vanguard windows with SolarClean Self-cleaning glass breaks down dirt and debris adhesion. It offers minimal maintenance through reduced streaking and spotting.

These outstanding window innovations are efficient, durable, and beautiful. To learn more about your options, just give us a call. Our expert crew will be ready to assist you.