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3 Traits to Watch Out For in a Massachusetts Contractor

Tuesday, February 16th, 2016 by Chris Zorzy

Much of the success of your home improvement projects rests on the shoulders of the contractor you hired. For this reason, it’s essential to protect both yourself and your investment by being extra vigilant in your selection. To help you choose wisely, reliable home improvement company A&A Services suggests you watch out for the following contractor traits:

1. Unlicensed—When having work done to your roofing in Danvers, MA, make sure that your choice of contractor carries the required business licenses. This ensures that your roofer is an established business and is able to work in your area. There are a few easy ways to determine their legitimacy. For one, you can ask them for their tax identification number. A simple check of the Internet will also suffice—look them up on the Contractor’s Licensing website. You can also visit the Better Business Bureau to check if their scores and reviews are satisfactory.

2. Uninsured—You’ll have to make sure that your contractor can provide proof of insurance, which should include workers’ compensation and liability coverage. These go a long way in protecting yourself and your investment in the event that an accident occurs on your property. Keep this in mind to avoid the stress and possible litigation between yourself and your contractor. As an extra precaution, ask your contractor if the insurance covers the entire period of your project.

3. Untrained—There are contractors that try to blow up their skills and workmanship, so make sure that they can provide the professional service they advertise. You can do this by asking your contractor for a list of manufacturer partnerships. This lowers the potential for errors or additional expenses needed to correct them.

When in need of a reliable and honest roofing contractor to work on your Danvers roofing, siding, and windows, turn to A&A Services. With our high quality materials and expert team, we’ll make sure that your home improvement projects are smooth and worry-free.

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