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3 Great Ways to Keep Your Home Draft-Free

Tuesday, February 2nd, 2016 by Chris Zorzy

Cold and windy Massachusetts weather is best enjoyed inside a warm and toasty home. If it seems like your rooms are as chilly as the outdoors, however, this is the perfect time to do a close examination of your home’s condition. The recurrence of cold drafts can compromise the comfort and energy efficiency of your living spaces. Fortunately, there are a few easy ways to deal with this issue.

A&A Services, a premier contractor for Salem windows and siding, shares three projects that will help keep your home draft-free this season.

1. Inspect your attic’s insulation. Small air leaks in your attic can also contribute to drafts in your home. Before they worsen, it’s essential to have a reliable home improvement contractor like A&A Services inspect your system’s current condition. Our skilled and experienced team can perform the necessary repairs needed to keep your insulation in tip-top shape.

2. Check your home’s exterior. You’ll also have to check that your siding hasn’t sustained serious damage. Even the smallest punctures can worsen over time and lead to more energy loss. When you notice telltale signs that your siding is already failing, turn to A&A Services. Our vinyl and James Hardie® options are unmatched when it comes to providing increased comfort and efficiency.

3. Replace old and damaged windows. Age and extreme weather can be harsh on your windows, resulting in cracks and gaps that allow cold air and moisture to enter. Much of your home’s energy loss points to this problem, which should prompt you to invest in a better and lasting solution—window replacement.

Quality replacement windows from A&A Services can help you save considerably on energy and enjoy cozier interiors. We carry only the highest quality selection from the leading manufacturers, including Sunrise and Vanguard. Their superior insulating properties and reliable performance ensure improved energy efficiency for your home. Our expert team will also make sure that your window installation in Salem, MA is smooth and worry-free.

Drafts will be the least of your worries when you turn to us for home improvement. Fill out our form today for a free estimate.