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Do you find your house a bit boring and drab-looking? Summer is the perfect time to spruce it up with some creative home makeover tips that can make you fall in love with your home a second time.

There are lots of home exterior projects that you can do during summer, but the one you choose should always provide you with better comfort and improved aesthetic value. Here are the most popular remodeling projects that you can start this time of year.

Doors and Windows

Studies show that natural light has a positive effect to a person’s well-being as it helps reduce stress levels, anxiety, or depression not only in workplaces but also in homes. Remodeling doors and windows is popular during summer as larger doors and windows let more natural light in. Customizing your doors with hand-crafted wood and modern patterns, on the other hand, make them more appealing.

Cool Things Down with Better Roofing

Installing new roofing in Peabody, MA, may take longer to complete than other home improvement projects. However, it is definitely worth it. With a better roofing system, you can reduce both your cooling costs and your daily power consumption.

Greener Landscape

Seeing a luscious garden surrounding your house can make you feel cooler and lighter inside. Try planting new trees and shrubberies. You can also add lighting accents to make your garden equally appealing during day and night time.

How to Make Your Home Improvement Stand Out

Summer is the best time to improve your home’s curb appeal. With the right amount of planning and budgeting, you can carry out a wide range of home improvement projects that could help your property stand out.

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